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A Step-by-Step Guide to build and manage your mobile application

A mobile application is not a one-time creation. It needs to be managed and maintained frequently. To provide consistent performance, you should bring the latest features to your app and also incorporate the latest updates in the respective platforms. As new versions of Android and IOS emerge, your app should also run smoothly in different versions throughout. Your users may face some issues in the mobile application, and you can know this through the feedback from your users. Addressing this feedback is very important, or else your users may still face the issues and eventually stop using your app.

In today's competitive world, mobile application management has very high importance. Magic Hues does mobile application management and maintenance. We provide you with frequent updates and testing of your mobile app as per your need, and we let you focus on your business while we do the mobile app maintenance and management. We have the best security systems available, which enable you to keep your app in safe hands. We have an expert team dedicated to app maintenance and management. Many app developers trust us with their mobile apps, and we do provide them with the most affordable service. Just let us know the changes you want to make to your app, and we can make it very fast and launch these updates after testing. Contact magic Hues for more information.

Five things to look forward after launching your Mobile App

1. Setting up a support team

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Your customers will have questions and doubts while using your app, and you should assign a team to address the user's queries and feedbacks. Like this, you can learn what users face and what users want and how can you make it easy for your users. This shows that you value your users, and they will be loyal users. Feedbacks from users are one of the best data that any developer can get.

2. Analyzing your App data

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Your app needs to be analyzed on how it works in the first few months after launching. This data plays a crucial role in decision-making which helps your app move in the right direction. The app downloads, app store reviews and ratings, most used features in your app and most unused features, where did users face issues and bugs, install and uninstall rates. Magic Hues provides an excellent analytic tool to keep track of the data that is obtained from the app in the beginning. We monitor your apps progress of the monitoring and fix the bugs to make your app run smoothly. We provide you with how your app performs in its first stage after the launch.

3. App feature analysis

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Your users may use some features the most and some features the least. Knowing this will let you focus on finding the root cause of this and improving the features to give more user-friendly experience. Knowing the features that are mostly used will enable you to work on those features to improve the user experience, which leads to the growth of the app. You can also find the trends and what people are leaning towards and strategize your business accordingly.

4. Providing frequent updates

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A stagnant app may experience many bugs and security issues which lead to frequent crashing, and this can be prevented by updating it along with the new updates happening in the operating systems. Android and IOS do the update, and your app should also be aligned to the new features without crashing. Doing a check every 40 days is good for every app. If you find updating apps frequently and doing the back end maintenance difficult, Magic Hues can help you with it. We have tools and an expert developer team to monitor your app frequently and update it as per your need. We do routine security checks and bug testing to prevent glitches and data loss. Get in touch with us now to have a very efficient app management team.

5. UI & UX design

UI & UX design

UI and UX design of your app makes a significant impact on the success of your app. These are mainly user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). It defines how any users interact with your app or uses your app. Today's competition has introduced a need for the apps to have a fantastic UI and UX features, and people always love less complicated things. Making your users easy to access all elements in your app create a positive impact on your app. Magic Hues has very talented UI&UX designers specifically for the mobile application we know what the top trends in this area are. We can design beautiful app layouts and placement of various tabs for your users to access quickly. To learn more about our UI&UX app services, get in touch with us now.

Why magic Hues?

Magic Hues has experience in developing, testing, launching and maintaining mobile applications for our clients in both Android and IOS platforms. We have an efficient developer team for any mobile application development. Our UI & UX designers are equipped with the latest tools and resources and are the best in terms of creativity and performance. We are always updated on the changing trends and competition, and we can steer your app towards successful growth. We provide cloud services, app data collection, analysis and protection. Let us focus on the running of your app, and you can focus on the business. Get in touch with us to shape your mobile application.

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