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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have become highly extensive in recent years. Their quality itself can lead to business profits and exponential growth. New studies have shown that over 50% of mobile device owners use their phones to access services on the Internet. Mobile apps are used to implement marketing strategies for products and services on the Internet Magic Hues is one of the leading companies in mobile app development. We have developed many successful Mobile applications. From complex enterprise to social media and travel applications- We have done it all. We have the professional capabilities to build a customized mobile app or create a mobile complement website for iOS and Android devices. Magic Hues will be the right choice when you need to make a mobile application in the following categories:

  • Art & Design
  • Books and reference
  • Business
  • Comics
  • Communication and Dating
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Family
  • Games
  • Health & fitness
  • Maps and navigation
  • Medical
  • Music
  • News
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Video players and editors
  • Online Classrooms

Our app development focuses on three types of apps

Native Apps

Native apps are built specifically for a mobile device’s operating system (OS). You can have native Android mobile apps, native iOS apps, and native windows phone apps. Native apps have the advantage of being faster and more reliable in terms of performance. They’re generally more efficient and utilize the native device UI which gives users a more optimized customer experience.

Hybrid Apps

These are web apps that look and feel like native apps. They might have a home screen app icon, responsive design, fast performance, even can run offline, but they’re web apps made to look native. Building a hybrid app is much quicker and more economical than a native app. They ensure low-cost, maintenance and smooth updates because they use a single code base for all platforms. They are commonly used APIs, like gyroscope, accelerometer, geolocation are available.

Web Apps

These are software applications that behave in a fashion similar to native applications. Web apps use a browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. These apps redirect a user to URL and offer the “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to their page. Because it’s web-based, there is no need to customize to a platform or OS. This cuts down on development costs.

How we do it?


Our team works with you to identify your market opportunity, build a product blueprint that lays the foundation for your Mobile App


We develop your app without any bugs and with the best user interface. You can customize the appearance and outlook of your app, and we build it for you.


We provide a full range of QA and testing services to ensure our app solutions meet the highest standards. A team of expert testers performs our quality assurance and testing services.

Market Launch

We help you smoothly launch your app in the IOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play store). We aspire for maximum customer satisfaction by driving sales growth, boosting client loyalty as well as reducing the overall operational costs.

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