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How to setup an online store for your local shop?

We are fighting the pandemic in every way possible, and everyone is trying to avoid public shopping unless it is necessary. Local shops everywhere have been affected due to this pandemic as people are switching to the online stores for groceries and every other form of shopping. This has created a huge need for local shoppers to change their business to online platforms. Now, you might have a lot of questions in your mind regarding how to set up an online store for your local shop.

Magic Hues has a well-established e-commerce platform. We can easily set you up with an online store in no time. We are very efficient and affordable. We have an expert team who have completed many E-Commerce online store projects, and we have a good experience in this field. We can also develop a mobile application exclusively for your shop. One of our client high streets mainly focuses on the local shops and lets you set up stores in their online mobile application. We provide you with many options where you can start with a single store and also as a multi-storey vendor. This can make you retain your customers and let them have the freedom to shop from the safety of their home in this situation. You can also attract new customers as the online stores have a vast customer base. However, there are many things to be looked into while starting an online store for your local shop.

5 Things to look into before starting your online store

1. Choose the products smartly.


It is not a good idea to start an online store with a huge number of products. This has proven not working for beginner stores. Always start with a small number of products. Through this, you can give more attention to those products quickly. When the promoting stage of your store is reached, a small product base is always easy to handle.

  • Sell the products that customers need the most
  • Choose products which are used up quickly and is universal. Example: Soap
  • The products which are sold the most in your locality from your local shop will create a good impact on sales in the beginning.
  • Sell products which are very easy to ship. Avoid large products.
  • Sell products which are of excellent quality and this can attract new customers.
  • Sell products which people search the most due to its unavailability in this pandemic.
  • Sell products with optimum price

2. Shipping of the product

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A customer will only be happy if the product they order will be arriving at their shipping address in an excellent and safe package and in a short time. This creates a positive impact on your customer's mind, and they will stick on to you. There should be significantly less the late delivery case is as it affects the most at the beginning of your business. The method and neatness of packing can distinguish you from other online stores, and you should provide the best packing options to have a competitive advantage. It is always good that you set up a sound delivery system before you start your sales. You can also outsource this service to Magic Hues. We provide a good shipping service at a very affordable price. Our services are quick and efficient, and we are never late.

3. Where to set up your store?


You can set up your online store in an e-commerce platform which is well established and have many online stores. There is also another option that you can make a single platform exclusively for your store. The former is found to be more efficient, and the latter one can only get you to reach out to the existing customers from your shop, and you will have to do much promotion to attract new customers. This might be an expensive method. Magic Hues can set you up with one of our most efficient platforms exclusively for local online shopping-High Street. In High Streets, you can set up your store quickly and start your sales free for limited sales and later at a very affordable price. They also have drop shipping option available, which makes things easier for you. Contact us right away to know more about us.

4. Branding first, then Profit.

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When you start merchandise in the online arena, always focus on promoting your stores. Focusing on profit and sales is not the best idea for starters. Once you have a good number of customers, then sales and profit come automatically. Let your customers and your locality know that your local shop is now available as an online store too. Promote your brand through digital marketing and offline promotions. Invest in these aspects at the earliest stages, and later you can see an organic growth for your online merchandise. Strategize the advertising for your store. Let everyone know about the newly set up store. Use social media to promote your store, and you can gradually see the growth in no time.

5. Start with offers and Discounts.

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It is not easy to attract customers very fast. Sales with offers, promotions and discounts can make a big difference. Everyone looks for discounts, and this could be one reason that they choose you over others. Try to give as many promotions and discounts possible to your customers at the beginning of their online merchandise. If every other aspect is looking good, then your customer will be a regular customer. Always use this opportunity to advertise. Marketing with promotions and discounts are one of the best ways to make use of the advertising advantage. This can make you gain new customers almost whenever someone purchases a product from you.

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